5 simple ways to be extraordinary

Every time I glance over the brand that is on my horse it is a daily reminder to always be one of one. And to always be unique, and far from ordinary. So long story short, it was the catalyst of me writing this blog today. So, I mustered together 5 simple ways, in my opinion, to be extraordinary:

1. Be your own best friend.

Loving yourself might sound so cliché, but when you really boil it down, it’s everything! Essentially, you are the only friend that has been with you every second of your life, therefore this person deserves to be taken care of. Always look out for yourself.

2. Refusing to accept second best in your life.

You are your own best friend, therefore best friends want the best for each other, no matter the circumstances. Strive for the best in every aspect of your life, and never settle. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Don’t wait for interesting people, seek to be interesting.

Like the old saying, only boring people can be bored. Never blame the people or the atmosphere around you. Be engaging, interesting and passionate wherever you go.

4. Be wholly present.

You know those people that go to incredible concerts or witness great moments, but spend the ENTIRE thing filming it on their phone? Basically, don’t be that person. Instead, when you’re in these moments, be 100% in the moment. At the end of the day, you are going to remember those amazing moments that you witnessed with your very own eyes.

5. Bring others around you up, not down.

Finally, be someone who makes other people feel good. Don’t criticise others or make jokes at the expense of others. Strive to find the best in everyone, because ultimately, people are just trying to get by in the best way they know how. And be kind; it doesn’t cost a damn cent!

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